Serhii Shapovalov — Head of Content

головний редактор на проект про спорт

I work as an editor on websites about sports, betting, and casinos. Editor with 6 years of management experience. I work with remote copywriters: I hire good copywriters, set clear tasks, review deadlines and text quality. I write texts in Ukrainian, Russian. I know how to SEO optimize texts to get top positions in search engines.

I am developing my project about sports, betting, and casinos

Who I worked with



  • I formed and led a team of copywriters who specialized in creating content about casinos, slots, and bonus programs.
  • Ensured the production of 1 million characters of content per month.
  • Continuously improved the quality of materials by editing, supervising the work of copywriters, improving instructions, and using artificial intelligence.
  • Set up work with the AI service to generate content through developed prompts and instructions for link building.
  • Wrote own analytical articles on the topic of bonus programs in online casinos.



Head of Content

  • Increased website traffic from 0 to 300k+ monthly users only through high-quality sports and sports betting content.
  • Together with the designer and developers, he worked on the redesign and functionality of the site, which helped to increase the number of unique page views and views of advertising banners.




I hired 2 forecasters in the content department for sports and football and basketball forecasts, which helped to increase the monthly traffic of the site from 30k to 100k+.



Content manager

Implemented content quality standards on betting websites, thanks to which the project started to make money in a year. I was responsible for selecting candidates for the content department and team training.